Trillium Construction builds on more than 29 years of industry expertise every time we  start a new project.  We are experienced in commercial, industrial, retail, hospitality and residential.  But our real foundation is the trust we develop through respect and partnership with our clients.  Our commitment to you is as solid as the projects we build. We work with your team members to understand your requirements, then with our experienced personnel tailor a program to fit your needs and budget. Trillium Construction Inc. is a team of industry professionals dedicated to the successful completion of every project.

Our approach on all projects is to focus on client needs every bit as much as designs and materials. Communication is the centerpiece of our project approach. We are committed to an open, collaborative exchange of ideas with all team members including the owner, design professionals and subcontractors. Our ability to successfully manage a project centers around our understanding of the big picture and details of a project, managing that information effectively and cultivating relationships that create a professional, quality environment.

We have local knowledge of trade contractors, building departments and local logistics. Located in Palm Beach County, we have worked throughout South Florida and established relationships that can prove immediately helpful to each of our clients.